Vendio packs in all the features you need to make any Web site a success. Everything from site building templates to blogs to an online store - you can do it with Vendio.

Fantastico Site Building Tools Mini Personal Business
Blog Tools
B2evolution (info)
B2evolution: A blog script featuring instant publishing, multiple blogs, multiple categories and sub-categories, attractive skins, a search function, multiple languages, multiple users and authors capability, and search engine friendly URLs.
- Yes Yes
Nucleus (info)
Nucleus: A blog script featuring multiple blogs, multiple categories, multiple authors, customizable skins, archiving, a plugin system, archives, file upload, image upload, drafts, IP banning, commenting, and search engine friendly URLs.
- Yes Yes
WordPress (info)
WordPress: A blog script featuring instant publishing, multiple authors, comment spam protection, password protected posting, multiple categories, built in commenting system, customizable themes, and the ability to post by email or schedule posts.
Yes Yes Yes
Image Galleries
4Images Gallery (info)
4Images Gallery: An image gallery management system featuring user registration and management, password protected administration, a search engine and comment system, and templates to help match your gallery with the rest of your site.
- Yes Yes
Coppermine Photo Gallery (info)
Coppermine Photo Gallery: An easy to set up and feature-rich photo gallery script featuring user management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, film-strip, e-card, and templates to help mach your gallery with the rest of your site.
Yes Yes Yes
Site Builders
Template Express (info)
Templates Express: A series of static templates you can use to build a Web site quickly. Perfect for new or inexperienced users who want to build a standard Web site quickly and develop it later.
Yes Yes Yes
TikiWiki (info)
TikiWiki: Features a Wiki, image and file galleries, forums, polls, chat, RSS feeds, articles, submissions, weblogs, webmail, surveys, trackers, newsletters and more.
- Yes Yes
Discussion Boards
PhpBB2 (info)
PhpBB2: Create an unlimited number of forums and posts using multiple language interfaces. You can customize your forums, create public or private forums, include a powerful search utility, send private messages, and more.
- Yes Yes
SMF (info)
SMF: An advanced forum and board creation tool featuring registered members, permissions, censored content, and sub boards. Includes statistical tools to track members’ online time, keep track of topics, new messages per day, and new members.
- Yes Yes
Viper Guestbook (info)
Viper Guestbook: A freeware guestbook that features user management and name registration, multiple skin styles, user capabilities such as input fields, ratings, picture uploading, drop-down boxes, and support for different languages. It also features spam protection, a ban list, bad word prevention, search robot ban and much more.
Yes Yes Yes
Polls and Surveys
Advanced Poll (info)
Advanced Poll: A polling system featuring multiple polls, multi-language support, IP logging, IP locking, cookie support, voting polls and more.
- Yes Yes
Content Management
Drupal (info)
Drupal: Open source software that allows you to set up a project or book that you can authorize others to contribute content. Features include a role based permission system, personalization of content, searchable content, polls, templating, blogging, discussion boards, threaded comments, and statistics tracking.
- Yes Yes
Geeklog (info)
Geeklog: A blog script featuring public blogging, a commenting system, block system, different themes, a calendar, linking system, statistics tracking, and a plugin system that allows you to extend its features.
- Yes Yes
Mambo Open Source (info)
Mambo Open Source: An Open Source Content Management system featuring a page caching mechanism, trash manager, advertising management, media uploading and management, content display scheduling, content syndication, internationalization (interface translation), a powerful template system, polls, voting module, and statistical tracking.
- Yes Yes
PHP-Nuke (info)
PHP-Nuke: Content Management and Portal solution featuring web-based administration, surveys, customizable blocks, modules and themes with multi-language support .
- Yes Yes
phpWCMS (info)
phpWCMS: An Open Source Content Management system that helps you set up your Web site for public and private use. This easy to learn system gives you the flexibility to separate the layout and content of your site for different types of users.
- Yes Yes
phpWebSite (info)
phpWebSite: An Open Content Management system featuring a web based administration system that requires a minimal amount of computer experience to maintain site content. It includes a flexible layout control for changing pages and customizable themes to publish photo albums, FAQs, polls, calendars, announcements, and forms.
- Yes Yes
Post-Nuke (info)
Post-Nuke: An Open Source Content Management system featuring an HTML editor to assist in creating Web pages, a site search box, and the ability to assign permission rules. You can publish comment forums, rating forums, recommendation forums, reviews forums, as well as track visitor behavior with statistical tracking.
- Yes Yes
Xoops (info)
Xoops: An advanced portal system that allows users to develop small to large dynamic community Web sites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.
- Yes Yes
Customer Relationship
Crafty Syntax Live Help (info)
Crafty Syntax Live Help: A live help chat system featuring the ability to monitor visitors as they browse your site and proactively open a chat session with them. Other features include simultaneous chat sessions, multiple operators, canned responses using images and URLs, multiple departments using different icons and the ability to track visitor behavior.
- Yes Yes
Help Center Live (info)
Help Center Live: An all in one help center with FAQs and live chat. You can create unlimited FAQ topics, auto-save chat conversations, set up canned messages, leave messages, track visitor behavior, and more.
- Yes Yes
Support Logic Helpdesk Xoops (info)
Support Logic Helpdesk Xoops: A Support tickets system featuring multiple email addresses, admin/staff/user panels, canned responses, HTML tags support, and an email limit on a per user/day basis.
- Yes Yes
OSCommerce (info)
OSCommerce: Tools that help you setup, run, and maintain an online storefront. This includes the front end presented to customers and the administrative tools that help you process store data, such as customer and sales information.
- Yes Yes
Zen Cart (info)
Zen Cart: Includes templates to design and build your storefront, merchandise pricing options to offer sales, a product search box, admin and security controls, the ability to customize product pages with multiple images, item descriptions, feature lists, and much more. This is an all in one utility for creating your online store.
- Yes Yes
Hosting Billing
phpCOIN (info)
phpCOIN: Create and manage site information efficiently. Features include invoicing, order processing, client management, and an integrated support help desk and contact us form.
- Yes Yes
Project Management
dotProject (info)
dotProject: A Project Management system that features company and client management systems, project listings, forums, files, a calendar, contact records, tickets/helpdesk, language support, user/module permissions and themes.
- Yes Yes
PHProjekt (info)
PHProjekt: A groupware suite that manages communication between teams and companies via the Intranet and Internet.
- Yes Yes
Dew-NewPHPLinks (info) - Yes Yes
Moodle (info)
Moodle: A course management system designed to help educators create effective online learning communities. Produce high-quality Internet-based courses that promote connected knowing and meaningful collaboration.
- Yes Yes
Open-Realty (info)
Open-Realty: An open source real estate listing manager featuring templates, search engine friendly URLs, email harvesting, spam prevention, and easy administration. It’s ideally suited to those who want to build a real estate Web site.
- Yes Yes
PHPFormGenerator (info)
PhpFormGenerator: A simple tool that helps you create reliable web forms without programming knowledge. Through the use of a phpFormGenerator wizard, you can create a functional web form quickly and easily.
Yes Yes Yes
WebCalendar (info)
WebCalendar: A web-based calendaring system that helps manage personal, group, and corporate events over the Internet. Use it to keep track of your personal appointments, group projects, and company meetings.
Yes Yes Yes
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Hosting Manager Features Mini Personal Business
OS Platform (info)
OS Platform: To ensure reliability and security, all files are stored on a RedHat Linux server.
RedHat Linux
Web Server (info)
Web Server: Vendio uses Apache, the most widely used and trusted web server, to serve your files.
24/7 Server and Network Monitoring (info)
24/7 Server and Network Monitoring: To ensure reliability, our servers and all related services are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a problem, our technical support staff is prepared to act immediately.
Yes Yes Yes
UPS and Generator Backup (info)
UPS and Generator Backup: In the event of a power surge or failure, backup systems will provide a steady and uninterruptible power supply to servers for the duration of the outage.
Yes Yes Yes
Daily back-ups (info)
Daily Backups: Your web directory is backed up daily on redundant hard drives to ensure that your site is restored in the event of a main drive failure.
Yes Yes Yes
Domain Names Supported (info)
Domain Names Supported: If you already have an existing domain name, you can transfer it to Vendio.
All All All
Sub-domains (info)
Sub-Domains: Create easy to remember web addresses to your site. For example:,, or
No Up to 5 Unlimited
Add-on Domain Names (info)
Add-on Domain Names: Share the allotted storage space and data transfer of your original account with a new site(s). This eliminates the need to open a new hosting account for each domain, which is more costly.
No No Up to 5
Parked Domain Names (info)
Parked Domain Names: Keep a domain name reserved without creating a site for it. This is ideal for maintaining ownership of a domain you intend to use in the future.
No No Up to 5
Web-based File Manager (info)
Web-based File Manager: A web user control that allows you to quickly find and edit files.
Yes Yes Yes
FTP Accounts (info)
FTP Accounts: Allows multiple users to upload and download files from your site.
1 Unlimited Unlimited
Virtual FTP Server (info)
Virtual FTP Server: Manage two separate sites using the same FTP port. This makes managing two separate domains more time efficient and less costly than setting up two accounts.
Yes Yes Yes
Archive Manager (info)
Archive Manager: Allows you to backup files by compressing them. This helps reduce the amount of disk space the backups take while providing more storage space for you to utilize on your site.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable 404 Error Pages (info)
Customizable 404 Error Pages: Customize the pages that appear when a visitor types the wrong URL or enters incorrect information on the browser.
Yes Yes Yes
Password Protect Directories (info)
Password Protect Directories: Protect directories accessible on your site by restricting access to authorized users.
Yes Yes Yes
Resource Meter (info)
Resource Meter: Quickly view your storage space and data transfer usage.
Yes Yes Yes
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Email Features Mini Personal Business
POP3 Email Accounts (info)
POP3 Email Accounts: Specify different email addresses within your domain. For example:,,, etc.
2 250 Unlimited
Basic Spam Filter System (info)
Basic Spam Filter System: Prevent unwanted and unproductive email from reaching your inbox.
Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Spam and Virus Filter System (info)
Enhanced Spam and Virus Filter System: Use filters to prevent email with certain characteristics from reaching your inbox. Eliminate harmful viruses before they can reach your inbox.
No $1/mo/email account* Free for 5 email accounts
$1/mo/email account*
Web-based Email Access (info)
Web-based Email Access: Allows you to read and compose email from any computer connected to the Internet.
Yes Yes Yes
Email Autoresponders (info)
Email Autoresponders: A system that sends email automatically, such as out of office replies, customer follow up messages, or confirmation messages.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarding (info)
Email Forwarding: Forward all email from an existing address to a new address. For example, forward all email sent to, to
No Yes Yes
Default "Catch All" Email (info)
Default "Catch All" Email: Make sure you get all email sent to any address
Yes Yes Yes
Email SMTP Server (info)
Email SMTP Server: Allows you to securely send email from any location.
Yes Yes Yes
Modification of MIME types (info)
Modification of MIME Types: Open content typing support, which allows you to upload your own file types to the web server and have them properly identified to a web browser when it downloads them.
No No Yes
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Advanced Development Features Mini Personal Business
Shared Secure Server (info)
Shared Secure Server: If you plan to sell merchandise online, this feature is required to ensure the secure transfer of private information, such as customer credit card numbers, mailing addresses, etc.

(SSL, https://)
No No w/Dedicated IP($3/Month)**
Your own CGI-bin (info)
Your own CGI-bin: Auto-install a variety of software applications for your site quickly and easily.
Yes Yes Yes
HTML, XHTML, VRML, WAP, WML, Wireless, Shockwave, Flash Ready (info)
HTML, XHTML, VRML, WAP, WML, Wireless, Shockwave, Flash Ready: Includes support for these popular programming languages.
Yes Yes Yes
PHP (info)
PHP: Includes support for PHP open-source server-side scripting language.
Yes Yes Yes
Perl (info)
Perl: Includes support for Perl open-source server-side scripting language.
Yes Yes Yes
Python, Tcl, C, C++ (info)
Python, Tcl, C, C++: Includes support for these commonly used programming languages.
Yes Yes Yes
Free Perl Module Installations (info)
Free Perl Module Installations: Pre-written Perl code, which makes writing Perl scripts faster than having to compose it manually.
Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Includes (info)
Server Side Includes: Include dynamic information on your site, such as the date, time, visitor number, or a special greeting, depending on when or who the page is accessed by.
Yes Yes Yes
Pre-installed CGI Scripts (info)
Pre-installed CGI Scripts: Provides the foundation to run programs on your site.
Yes Yes Yes
WWW and Non-WWW Access (info)
WWW and Non-WWW Access: Visitors can access your site if they enter, or if they omit "www" and just enter
Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Server + PhpMyAdmin (info)
MySQL Server + PhpMyAdmin: The most popular open source database and application used by millions of developers.
Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Databases (info)
MySQL Databases: Use an open source database to quickly search for code, then reuse it to save time in the development of new web content.
2 Unlimited Unlimited
FREE Chat Room (info)
FREE Chat Room: Setup your own, customized web-based Java chat room. Great for real-time meetings with customers, family, friends, or frequent visitors.
No Yes Yes
Microsoft® FrontPage 2002 Extensions (info)
Microsoft® FrontPage 2002 Extensions: Fully supports Microsoft’s FrontPage 2002, a popular software application that helps create websites.
Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Web statistics (info)
Detailed Web Statistics: View your site statistics up to the hour, day, or month. Track site traffic, visitor search behavior, and visitor origination.
Yes Yes Yes
Access to Raw Log files (info)
Access to Raw Log Files: Leverage raw data, which can be downloaded and analyzed for strategic or reporting purposes.
Yes Yes Yes
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Partner Deals Mini Personal Business
$50 credit on Yahoo! Sponsored Search (info)
Yahoo! Sponsored Search leverages the power of search advertising to connect businesses and customers.
Yes Yes Yes
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*All email accounts will be enabled with the Enhanced Spam and Virus Filter System if selected.
**Dedicated IP for SSL does not include SSL certificate purchase.
Domain Pointers: You can own multiple domains and point them to the same site. For example, you want and to point to
Email Aliases: Create multiple email addresses that all point to the same email account. For example, and may point to
24/7 Phone Technical Support: Contact our responsive technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Network Troubleshooter & Tools: Network tracing tools that help you find the source of a slow or downed connection.
MX Record Changes: Allows you to change the mail server handling email from and to your domain.